Jaguar Logistic

Jaguar Logistics Company Limited Taiwan branch office was founded in 2004 , belongs to Jaguar Logistics Group, established in Taichung comprehensive international sea and air freight companies. Under the leadership of general manager Paul Yang, Jaguar Logistics Company Limited have established a good image and service for quality in Taiwan.

Jaguar Established in 1997, Jaguar experienced rapid business growth and built up a well-respected reputation among the international logistics and local transport communities. Jaguar was specified in sea freight and custom clearance when it was opened in 1997, Immediately , Jaguar's air freight department was set up to widen customers' choice and has a full range of services to develop and accelerate business. Today, Jaguar has a place in the international logistics market.

Jaguar Logistic


Jaguar set branch offices in major cities and coast of China and in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa / Australia and New Zealand to establish tight network of agents, and intensive and accurate service, and fully computerized workflow management, focus the service on the branch, agency and staff.

In order to provide the most efficient, safest and most economical service to customers around the world. Jaguar will continue to extended the business scope for any countries ,for any regions in the future .