Jaguar Logistic

People is the core asset for enterprise. Even if an enterprise has better equipment, no quality human , no permanent business development. Maintain an army for a thousand days to use it for an hour. Enterprise has to make more effort to introduce the best talent, and more manpower in training staff in the high talent demand for knowledge economy era. Jaguar most emphasis on human resource, only to enhance the quality and competitiveness of staff in order to provide customers with the best service and satisfaction.

Jaguar for new employees can be trained by new employed SOP that can help them quickly understand the overview of the corporate environment, vision, organizations, rules, regulations and various services that allow new employees can quickly integrate into Jaguar.
In addition, the Jaguar will provide internal and external professional courses training from time to time so that employees make professional service and management at all times. Therefore, every one has an opportunity to become a key man in the future.